Vegan breakfast recipes can be everything but boring, and many of us have found a good vegan breakfast that we like making on a daily basis.

Vegetarian Breakfast Recipe

Vegetarian Breakfast Recipe

If you are struck up with ideas as to what to prepare for breakfast everyday, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve all heard how important it’s to start the day with a good, nutritious breakfast. However that many of us are tired and rushed within the morning. And since some people are just not that hungry very first thing, the sleepy appetite is none too ambitious.

Preparing a raw vegan breakfast can be as quick and easy so long as you planned and prepared just before breakfast. Because the very first meal of the day is the most important one, a tasty vegan breakfast must provide you with enough protein for the day, in order to keep you fit yet energetic.

Here are some further ideas for easy vegan breakfasts. Some are to be made ahead, and some can be fixed minutes before enjoying them.

Blueberry Protein Pancakes

An excellent breakfast can’t miss a couple of soft, puffy pancakes, here is a healthy vegan breakfast recipe to fill and color your first meal of the day. You are able to replace the blueberries with other antioxidant-filled berries or with another fruit of your choice. Creativity and personal taste are your limits, so test out this recipe on weekends to obtain the perfect mix.


Oatmeal is shown to possess a million of benefits ranging from digestion, reduce cholesterol and supply long-lasting satiety effect until the lunch hour arrived. Breakfast is oatmeal can also be beneficial to decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Semolina Crepes

This Indian breakfast can be served alongside coriander chutney or spicy tomato chutney. You may also add grated carrots to the dosa to really make it tastier. We add finely chopped onions too. During general rice flour or all-purpose flour is added to this batter, We go for whole wheat flour and 1 to 2 tbsp of oats to make it healthier.


Granola has become a household name with regards to easy peasy vegetarian breakfast ideas. It is also a versatile recipe. The good thing is you can mix in the fruits and protein causes of your choice.

Green Smoothie

You can also drink your breakfast! A green smoothie combines all of the deliciousness of a smoothie with the power of raw greens. Need some green smoothie help? Check out our beginner guide to green smoothies.


You can eat the porridge with vegetable broth or teams such as spinach or broccoli vegetables. Making porridge is comparatively easy and you can be the creation thereof when needed. When you get bored, you could consume the porridge with a bit of soy milk mixed. By means of rice porridge is creamy and rice is the greatest source of carbohydrates for your energy today.

Broken Wheat Pancake

Made with broken wheat using the goodness of soy milk, this pancake is really a tasty breakfast worth to be tried. Top it with golden roasted banana slices and roasted almonds dipped in honey.

Oat Bread

Like a sandwich? let’s create a sandwich on whole grain bread. Fill sandwich with fresh vegetables and some slices of cucumber. Voraciously with a cup of hot tea and you’ve got a healthy breakfast to fuel you begin the activity today.